Disposable Disposables

It’s amazing what people throw away- empty cups, burger wrappers, Styrofoam peanuts -all kinds of stuff. The thing that hit me as I was dumping out some trash this morning at work is that at some point we needed these! They were a necessary part of the ultimate fulfillment of an essential want had in our lives. But, as I noticed this morning, our commitment to these extraneous elements is temporary, and extremely fleeting at that.
Perhaps this is why we chose to put them under a label and categorize them as “Disposable” in an effort to alleviate our guilt or responsibility to their future. If we see the word “Disposable” literally or in our minds, we are quite fine with saying, “Well, that’s what I’m supposed to do with it. I mean, that’s what Disposable means, right?”

Actually, it isn’t.

The “Disposable” moniker means that you can throw it away; not that you should or you must or even that it is illegal or even hazardous to you if you don’t. It simply means you can, if you chose to do so, dispose of that item with little or no consequence to you personally.

Like Disposable Diapers.

Or Tampon applicators.

Or plastic bags.

Or Family.

Whether it’s “disposable” or not is, in fact, entirely up to you.


The Janitor